HOA Board Meeting 2018-06-04

The HOA board will be meeting on June 4th at the public library at 8700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam, KS 66202 from 7-8PM.  Agenda to include:

  • Approve minutes of last board meeting
  • Entry monument landscaping update
  • Sign lettering repair
  • Tree removal around ‘Exhibit A’
  • Discussion of fence restrictions and order of precedence
  • Motion to recognize trellises as separate from fences
  • White truck reported parking overnight on street
  • Block party grants from city
  • 2 Website updates and renewal
  • Schedule next board meeting

Goodbye Winter, Hello Awesome Lawns!

Well, Woodland Lawn came by for our first mow of the year yesterday.  With that, mowing season has begun!  They’re going to be on Tuesday again this year (with exceptions when weather causes problems of course).

Please remember to keep your lawns free from all obstructions to mowers and pick up pet waste so it doesn’t get spread around, stuck to shoes, or damage lawns.  Storage of large tools can be on patios, decks, or in garages or basements if you’re lucky enough to have a walkout 🙂

Now’s also a good time to take care of missing sprinkler valve covers.  Walk around your lawn to see if you have any missing or loose.  Replace them if they’re missing.  TIP: Secure them with a bolt so they stay safe.  I did that and I’ve never had a lid get damaged or go missing.

Sprinkler system maintenance is individual lot owner responsibility, but I identified the supplier and model name of our sprinkler boxes and have a growing list of TRV house replacement parts on our website.

Let me know if you have info to add to that list to help out your neighbours.

This Saturday is the board’s monthly TRV litter pick up.  So expect to see some of us out with buckets around 830.  If you’re free around that time, say high and come help.

I will be offering free sprinkler turn-on again this year.  Let me (Billy) know if you’d like help turning on the outdoor valves of your sprinklers.  It takes about 5 minutes.  I can probably see a couple people this Saturday morning before 8:15 or between 9 and 9:30, and others Sunday.

Once your sprinkler system is turned on for the season, run each zone manually and inspect the sprinkler heads to check that they all work properly.
If your sprinkler system needs repair, we’re recommending Dusty Gulick of Smith Brother’s Lawn (913) 207-2421 but you may use any contractor you like.
All of us are required to water enough to maintain healthy lawns, but not so much that the lawn is soggy on mowing day.
So make sure you understand how your sprinkler controller is scheduled, and keep an eye on your lawn so you can adjust the schedule as needed throughout the season.  I posted the manual to our website in case anyone’s paper copy went missing.

If you have questions or feedback about HOA services or requirements, reply to Feedback@TimberRidgeVillas.com and we’re happy to help!

Looking forward to a great summer!
-Billy, Board-member, Secretary

HOA Board Meeting 2018-03-28

The HOA board will be meeting on March 28th at the public library at 8700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam, KS 66202 from 7-8PM.  Agenda to include:

  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes.
  • Review of entry monument upgrade plans. (Landscaping, flag)
  • Review of common ground sprinkler system.
  • Tree removal below retaining wall on NorthEast corner of TRV.  aka “Exhibit A” area.
  • Set date for next board meeting.

HOA Board Meeting Jan 24th

The HOA board will be meeting Wednesday, January 24th at 7pm at 6627 Wedd place:

  • Approve last board meeting’s minutes
  • Amendments filed with county
  • Assigning named position for next year
  • Review snow removal so far
  • Website load, review
  • Entry monument upkeep
  • 66th Terr accessibility improvement
  • Litter Cleanups
  • Review of Merriam ordinances
  • Leaf Cleanup feedback from Nov 30th
  • Sale status of 47, 49, 28, and 25
  • Solid Pest Waste