Spring is coming!

It’s that time of year.  The board is starting to ramp up landscaping efforts for this year. You may have noticed the spring cleanup in February.

Our landscaper, Woodland Lawn is accepting extra-work requests at a discounted cost for all TRV owners.  If you didn’t get your request in to Lindsey last month, contact Dan Duron of Woodland Lawn, Inc at 913-558-0353 to request quotes for side jobs.  Note: Please continue to route feedback on HOA-provided landscaping service like mowing and grass clippings through Feedback@TimberRidgeVillas.com.  It’s important that the board coordinate those communications.

Last year at the Annual meeting, the lots in attendance voted to specify Fescue as our neighborhood’s official turf.  This will enable our neighborhood to match better from lot to lot, better suit our climate, and enable a more consistent and effective fertilization schedule.  The ACC and Board have worked together to select an approved source, and get a discount rate for TRV residents.

The ACC selected HeatWave Fescue from GrassPad, and the board secured a contract with GrassPad to get a discount for TRV residents.  Tell them you’re from Timber Ridge Villas, and receive a discount on Heat Wave Fescue Seed and Sod. It’s approximately $1.60 per LB of seed, and $3.30 per square yard of sod (in 2-ft-wide rolls).  This offer is good for all lot owners at Timber Ridge Villas.  Contact Billy to have another name added to the list on your behalf.


Heat Wave sod (dormant) and seed, as seen February in the Olathe GrassPad

When it’s time to turn sprinklers back on, I (Billy) will be available to teach you how your sprinkler valve box works.  The only tool required to turn them back on in the Spring is a stubby flat blade screw driver.

I can teach the controller programming as well.  If you have sprinkler head or valve box damage, that will need to be repaired by RainMan, or another contractor.  Woodland Lawn is referring irrigation work to Dusty Gulick at 913-207-2421.

City News:

The City of Merriam’s limb pickup begins March 20.  City staff asks that residents have limbs to the curb by Monday morning March 20.  Need assistance getting limbs to the curb? Please contact Chad Rowe (contact info in our directory) by Wednesday March 15. Chad is organizing assistance in this city-wide effort through Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  The Neighbors Helping Neighbors team will work on Saturday March 18.

Merriam Parks and Rec. has a number of events planned throughout the summer for all to enjoy.  I’m looking forward to bicycling Turkey Creek Streamway Trail, and picking up fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings at the Merriam Marketplace pavilion. Merriam’s ‘Party in your Park’ will be happening at parties at Brown, Campbell and Quail Creek. Those are June 16, July 21 and August 18 respectively.  Turkey Creek Festival will be held in Antioch Park this year on May 20. And Turkey Creek Car Show will be September 9 in downtown Merriam.

Here’s a recap of Merriam Events last year:

Also, more awesome news from City Hall:  After many months of paperwork and red tape from the railroad, the wayside horns project is slated for completion before July 1st this year!

2016 Annual Meeting Summary

We held our annual all-homeowner meeting at Merriam City Hall with outstanding turnout this year.  We filled up the city’s community room with 30 lots represented out of 33 actually occupied.  (Over 90% Attendance!)

After careful discussion and Q&A, the membership voted to renew Billy and Pam’s position on the board, and to approve four out of five amendments up for vote:

  1. Repainting required within 6 months of ACC notice instead of every 5 years.
  2. Requiring all solid pet waste to be cleaned up immediately after depositing, regardless of lot.
  3. Clarifying street parking limitations. (Did not pass)
  4. Specifying Fescue as the approved grass type and permitting residents to use seed or sod to maintain their lots after initial construction.
  5. Permitting overnight driveway-parking of trucks, vans, and enclosed trailers.

These four amendments, approved by over 60% of TRV Lots on 2016-11-09, became effective once filed with the county recording office on 2016-12-02.  The filed document is available from the county and on our CC&R’s page.

Annual HOA Meeting

Flags at Merriam City Hall after rainstorm.

As mentioned in last quarter’s dues mailing and on the email lists, this year’s Annual HOA meeting will be held at Merriam City Hall on Wednesday, November 9th from 7pm to 9pm.

Don’t be late, Check-in needs to complete before 7:10 to stay on schedule to get everything done on time.

Up for vote this year are two board-member positions (currently held by Billy and Pam), and a number of amendments that build upon our existing bylaws.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the amendment interest survey. Your input was instrumental in selecting the terms to put to vote next week.

Each proposed amendment is a four-page pdf, listed below by topic. The amendment text is only a couple lines, but proper formatting takes it to two pages, and there’s another two for signatures and notary:

2016-1: Changing language that could require house repainting every-five-years.
2016-2: Requiring pet owners to remove their solid pet waste anywhere in TRV.
2016-3a or 2016-3b: Clarifications to street parking restrictions currently worded “no overnight parking”.  Only 3a OR 3b may pass (they are different rules) decided by highest vote count at the meeting.
2016-4: Standardizing TRV turf on Fescue products approved by ACC
2016-5a, 2016-5b, 2016-5c: Can give clear permission for homeowners to park limited trucks, vans, and enclosed trailers in their driveways, which today is ambiguously permissible at best.

These amendments reference our 2008 Bylaws, of which, we have prepared a reference excerpt of the sections concerned.

PLEASE make every attempt to attend the meeting this year. Four lots, owned by the builder/developer will not be represented, so we need higher than normal attendance by individual homeowners to pass any amendments.

If you can not attend, please register your proxy designation with the HOA. Our current bylaws require proxy designation on file prior to the meeting.

Discuss the Sample Ballot with with your proxy if you wish them to vote your choices, or look it over yourself if you like.

Official ballots will be handed out for each lot represented in person at the annual meeting. Please note:  You can not mail in a ballot. Only official ballots handed out at the meeting and filled out by you or your designated proxy at the meeting can be counted. They can of course bring notes or a sample you fill out for reference.

Please direct all questions about the upcoming meeting to Feedback@TimberRidgeVillas.com, and we hope to see you all there the Wednesday after next.