HOA Board Meeting Jan 24th

The HOA board will be meeting Wednesday, January 24th at 7pm at 6627 Wedd place:

  • Approve last board meeting’s minutes
  • Amendments filed with county
  • Assigning named position for next year
  • Review snow removal so far
  • Website load, review
  • Entry monument upkeep
  • 66th Terr accessibility improvement
  • Litter Cleanups
  • Review of Merriam ordinances
  • Leaf Cleanup feedback from Nov 30th
  • Sale status of 47, 49, 28, and 25
  • Solid Pest Waste

2017-11-06 All-owners Meeting Docs

With the all-lot-owner’s meeting rapidly approaching, here are some documents for member review prior to the meeting:

Proxy designation: Paper version of the online proxy designation form.  Make sure to designate your proxy online or by mailing in the paper form before the meeting.

Sample Ballot: This is what the ballot will look like.  Official ballots will be handed out at the meeting only to lot owners or their designated proxy voters.

2017-1: Full proposed text of the amendment to allow more flexible annual meeting times.

2017-2: Full proposed text of the amendment to allow official HOA correspondence via this website, email lists, and telephone.


Annual All Homeowner’s meeting, 2017-11-06

Monday, November 6th, our annual all homeowner’s meeting will be at the Irene B French Community Center at 5701 Merriam Dr, Shawnee Mission, KS 66203 from 7 to 9pm.  Sign-in starts a 6:50, and the meeting begins at 7pm.

Parking lots are on the East and North sides of the building. The entrance is in the middle of the East side.

If you haven’t declared your proxy yet, please do before the meeting at https://TimberRidgeVillas.com/Proxy or return your completed proxy form (included in the October bill) with your October payment.

We will be electing 3 board positions, and voting on at least two amendments:

  • Permitting the Annual meeting scheduling to be adjusted.
  • Permitting use of email, texting, and telephone for HOA communications.

The full text of all amendments will be published here before 10 days prior to the meeting.