Spring 2016 news and new faces in HOA leadership

  • Our yearly garage sale is scheduled for 8AM, Saturday the 30th.  Several neighbors are already planning to participate and it’s not too late to join them.

TRV Garage Sales The add is up on Craigslist now, and will be reposted the night before the sale to encourage buyers.  Please send me pictures of any big ticket items you want to sell, or just a picture of your house with the garage door open to help identify your house Saturday.

  • The board has affirmed Vice President Lindsey’s succession to presidency.  As president, Lindsey now serves our neighborhood as CEO of the HOA, primary decision maker, and presides over all meetings of the board and members.
  • Board member Cindy has accepted the position as Vice President.  Cindy serves our neighborhood as backup to the President should the President leave office.
  • Pam has accepted the fifth seat on the board for the remainder of this year.  Her board position will be one of two to be up for re-election this November.
  • Mike has accepted a position on our Architectural Control Committee (ACC), alongside Lindsey and Larry.  The ACC serves our neighborhood by reviewing exterior modifications to preserve the quality and style of Timber Ridge.  Please send a copy of our ACC form to Feedback@TimberRidgeVillas.com before beginning exterior projects to make sure they are approved.
  • Pam, Stephanie, and Denise will be hosting our neighborhood block party again this year at the top of the hill.  6pm on Saturday June 25th.  We will have a special guest this year: Merriam Mayor Ken Sissom will be stopping by to meet residents.
  • I spoke with Greg at SAB.  SAB will be building on lot 47 (aka “the pit”).  We can expect to see the foundation starting by the end of May.
  • Grab your updated copy of the neighborhood contact directory in person at the block party.  If you wish to make any corrections, please ask Billy.

A quieter summer ahead

The Great Plains SPCA has announced that its dog kennel currently located adjacent to the East side of Timber Ridge Villas will be closed by the end of February, 2016.  Not to worry, the SPCA will continue to serve the needs of the area’s homeless pets.  Rachel Hodgson with the Great Plains SPCA said that continued operations would be relocating to another location at 5424 Antioch Dr. Those of us accustomed to the sound of barking dogs will just have to adopt our own.

And Merriam City Hall continues to work towards quieter, safer, rail crossings in Merriam.  City Administrator Phil Lammers was proud to share some updates with us:
Last year, Merriam City Hall staff and its consultant, CTC Inc. worked with Federal Railway Administration, KDOT, and BNSF to complete field diagnostics in December.  Since then, CTC finished the grade crossing design, and it has been submitted to BNSF railway for review. Once approved by BNSF and the Merriam City Council (estimating end of April), Merriam will fund BNSF’s initial ‘make-ready’ work, and then the rest of the construction can begin.
All in all, Timber Ridge, and the greater Merriam area will be a much quieter place to live by the end of 2016.

Master Landscape Plan

At the Annual meeting yesterday, the Master Landscape Plan was on display and several of us grabbed photographs for reference, as it was referenced in discussion.  Here is the original file, received from City Hall today.Master Landscape Plan Preview

This plan includes removing some specific dead trees, and planting trees and shrubs.  The developer, Kinban / Farmers Bank is responsible to the City of Merriam for completing all work on this plan before they are done with the neighborhood.