AC Request Form

AC Approval is required for changes such as:

– Painting/Priming/Staining
– Adding or Removing Plantings
– Altering landscaping
– Any other exterior modification upon a lot as provided in the bylaws below.

The AC process should not impede regular maintenance:
Repainting or touching up existing paint; or replacing existing elements with matching replacements does not require approval or coordination with AC.

The Architectural Committee (AC) is responsible for establishing and maintaining the quality, character and aesthetics of the subdivision, including, without limitation, the building plans, specifications, exterior color scheme, exterior materials, location, elevation, lot grading plans, landscaping plans and use of any proposed exterior structure.

Before commencing any external construction or modifications to any part of their lot, homeowners must fill out the AC request form, provide the form to the AC, and the AC must approve the request.

This process is required since 2008 per our bylaws:

  • 2008 6 a : No change or alteration in such building plans, specifications, exterior materials, location, elevations, lot grading plans, general landscaping plans or exterior color scheme shall be made unless and until such change or alteration has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Developer or the Architectural Committee, as the case may be.
  • 2008 6 b : Following the completion of construction of any residence or fencing, no significant landscaping change, significant exterior color change or exterior addition or alteration shall be made thereto unless and until the change, addition or alteration has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.
  • 2008 10 h : Sculptures, bird baths, fountains, yard art, and similar decorative objects are allowed on the exterior of the residence or in the yard only with the specific written approval of the Approving Party.
  • 2008 1 a : “Approving Party” means (i) prior to the recording of the Certificate of Substantial Completion, the Developer (or its designees from time to time) and (ii) subsequent to the recording of the Certificate of Substantial Completion, the Board (or with respect to Exterior Structures and other matters assigned to it, the Architectural Committee).
  • 2008 1 i : “Exterior Structure” defined to include (among other things) “exterior sculptures, statuary, fountains, and similar yard decor.”
  • 2008 10 u : The Developer and the Homes Association may enforce the foregoing restrictions and other provisions of this Declaration by establishing and levying and collecting fines and other enforcement charges, having vehicles, trailers or other apparatus towed away at the Owner’s expense, or taking such other lawful actions as it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

These bylaws, currently in effect, were written by the Developer in 2008 before the formation of our current board, but they are binding upon the board and all lots today.