Care of trees is homeowner responsibility in Timber Ridge Villas:

Each Owner shall properly water, maintain and replace all trees and landscaping on the Owner’s Lot  — 2008 Declaration

Home owners are required to maintain trees in healthy condition, not obstructing sidewalk or streets.  The bylaws require of every lot:

at least two trees with a minimum of a 2.5 inch caliper measured 6 inches above the ground   — 2008 Declaration

When a tree dies, lot owners do not need AC approval to replace it with:

  • the same type of tree in the same location.
  • a pre-approved tree type in the same location.

Lot owners DO need AC approval however, to remove-without-replacement or to replace it with a type of tree not on the list.  If removing without replacing, make sure at least two trees still remain.

The pre-approved tree list (which comes from our master landscaping plan) is:

  • Red Sunset Maple
  • Green Vase Zelkova
  • Shumard Oak
  • Greenspire Linden
  • Black/Tupelo Gum
  • Serbian Spruce
  • White Pine
  • Norway Spruce
  • Canaert Juniper
  • Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Pine
  • Oklahoma Redbud
  • Crimson Cloud Hawthorn
  • White Flowering Dogwood

Individual AC approval is required if a lot owner wishes to:

  • add a new tree
  • move a tree
  • change type of tree to any type not on the pre-approved list
  • remove an existing tree without replacing it

Use the AC form to request approval.