Timber Ridge/Centennial Management Meeting 3:30 on July 9, 2015 at 6627 Wedd Place

We had our first homeowner meeting today, at 6627 Wedd Place.  Denise Minet took minutes.  Thanks Denise!


Report From Joanne Attebery – Realtor/SAB rep

8 lots still to build out

1 spec for sale


Items for Joanne to address with SAB

  1. Add sprinklers to entrance way landscaping, please confirm back to Justin when complete.
  2. Get trash cans for new residents.
  3. Ask Tom to make sure that subs clean up DAILY on sites especially trash that can blow and street debris and cigarette butts.
  4. Ask subs to please not park in front of completed house if possible as then the trash trucks do not pick up trash and mail is not delivered to those homes.
  5. Clean out the mud and debris from the curb drains so as to not be clogged.
  6. Tell the subs to “slow down” when driving through subdivision.  Little black car has been speeding through (aka painter) and almost hit a little girl on bike.  Please respect the 15 mph speed limit.
  7. Clean up white paint on side of Lindsay’s house (next to spec home for sale) as the painter used her outside spicket to clean paint brushes.
  8. Put back up the city street sign at Wedd Street corner where three houses were just sold/completed.
  9. Keep the lots mowed down that are still for sale – weeds on some lots are over 6ft tall.


Items discussed with April from Centennial


-Shanties/Ashantes (sp?) was hired for lawn maintenance AND leaf removal J

-Beverly Francella to work with April to come up with an outline of what Timber Ridge residents expect from lawn maintenance provider.

Friday will be official mow days.  Discussed that same day as garbage pick up – will see how everything works and April may need to adjust day.



-April to work with a few homeowners that had their mailboxes chopped by ex-lawn crews to replace using developers’ budget.



-Tabled for when homes are all complete.  At this time the covenants does not include snow removal.



-Justin Adrian nominated as liason for Timber Ridge with Centennial Management.  If you have any issues, please address them to Justin at JRAdrian07@gmail.com



-April confirmed that lawn maintenance was majority of costs around 50-60% and management fees next.  Other bills are water, trash and electricity.  Gave no firm numbers.



-April to email PDF copy of covenants to all homeowners.


Hey all – let me know if I missed anything and I will update these official notes!  Thanks for your participation!



Denise Minet

6627 Wedd Place