This space is for us to review merchants we’ve had experience with, or to ask each-other for recommendations for a given service.   Submit your review in a comment on this page

Mario Avendano of KC Painting and Beyond 913-938-3399
Mario has repainted most of our interior and the exterior of our home. His work is extremely professional and he always takes great care to put time into essential prep work that results in a great final result. My husband and I highly recommended Mario for any painting projects you may have!
-Stephanie and Jim

I used KC Custom Window Fashions for blinds. I was originally trying to choose between them and One Stop Decorating. OSD sold only one brand, and it was 1 1/2 times as nice, but 3x the price. I’m happy with my blinds from KC Custom. OSD definitely felt more premium, but what I got from KC Custom are still the nicest blinds anyone in my family have ever had. Install was quick, and they also hung curtains for me that I bought from Ikea! -Billy

I’m looking for recommendations on a water softener/descaler if anyone in the neighborhood has one they like and I could see how it looks in the basement and how clean the dishwasher/washer/faucets are. I have to clean off particulate build up too often. -Billy

And also garage floor epoxy coating. If anyone here has gotten their garage floor done and happy with the result, I’d like to check it out and get a referral to who did it. -Billy

Weavers Exterminators, Merriam KS –  love these guys!  They may be a little more expensive and VERY mom & pop type place, but they know their stuff.  I don’t mind paying more for expertise, especially when it comes to creepy crawlers 🙂 -Denise

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