Annual All Homeowner’s Meeting = Wednesday, January 5th (2022)

This year’s TRV HOA All-Neighborhood meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday, January 5th. 

The location is TBA – we will send another email within the next few days after we receive confirmation, but we are planning to hold the meeting in-person at Merriam City Hall. 

Masks will be strongly encouraged.


1) If you cannot attend live, please declare your proxy (the person who will attend in person and vote in your place) ASAP by sending an email to Trish, our Secretary (

2) We’ll have a review of our finances and budget. How much money comes in from dues, how much goes out in services, and what level of contingency funds we maintain.

3) There are no amendments to vote on this year. (Though we’re always open to hear what people want to change if there’s consensus on the matter)

4) The most important element of this meeting is board member elections.

– Our board is comprised of 5 voting members. We meet every-other month for approximately 90 minutes and work to keep both the commitment and the atmosphere light 🙂 

– This year, Julie, Marty and Trish’s terms are coming up for renewal.  All three of these board members are planning to continue serving, but must be officially voted in again.

– Our other two members, who are not officially up for a vote this year, are hoping to step down. So we are in need of two new members to join the board. We are actively seeking volunteers, so this meeting will be a great opportunity to meet other board members and put your name in the hat. If you’re interested in serving on the HOA board, please contact our VP Julie (

– There will be a board meeting the night AFTER our annual meeting (Jan 6th) for the board to confirm the two new members, assign named officer positions and discuss any business brought forth by the residents at the all-homeowner’s meeting.

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