Switching to KC Disposal Nov 1st

From time to time, we’ve had some neighbors interested in yard waste pickup, and more so this year than years past.

TRV HOA Board member Chris B. took on the project of investigating hauler options this year (give him your thanks for his persistence!) and I’m proud to report that I’ve signed the agreement for Timber Ridge to switch to KC Disposal effective November 1st.Trash Pickup day will become Monday Morning.

KC Disposal will be providing the same service at the same price as WM, PLUS yard waste pickup, at the same cost!
So no dues changes were needed to satisfy this resident desire, even long term!

You spoke, your HOA listened, and we have better service now at no additional cost!

Our last pickup by WM will be next Wednesday, October 28th.  After Wednesday, please leave your empty trash cans at the curb for WM to pick up Thursday or Friday.

KC Disposal will be dropping off their cans soon.  When they do, please take those inside.

Also: KC Disposal also has different size options for their trash carts!

  • 65 gallon is the default size of what you will get for trash and recycle and what most residents have today.
  • 95 is available for a $5/mo upcharge you would pay to KC Disposal
  • 35 is available at no extra charge if you have low trash volume and want more space in the garage.

If you have any preferences other than 65 gallon, let Chris (In CC) know ASAP please.
Merriam Ordinance and TRV Bylaws both require that trash cans be stored out of public view when not out for collection.   In our neighborhood that amounts to being stored in the garage other than putting them out the night before, and bringing them in during the day of pickup. 

I know I’ve asked a couple folks to keep their cans inside recently, so sorry to come right back and tell you to leave them out on the street for pickup next week.  But I hope this upgrade will be well worth the work that’s been invested in it so far.

-Billy C.

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