Election-related Yard Sign update

I know we’ve shared in the past our bylaws’ limitations on yard signs.

Recently, one very astute Timber Ridge neighbor found Kansas state law KSA 58-3820 from 2012. Our bylaws were more restrictive when the developer wrote them in 2008, but this state law is clear that it applies to us and it voids the bylaw that restricts political signage

The board has discussed this law, and we agreed that our previous 21 day limitation is overridden by this state law.

So I wanted to update you all for the record, and let you know it is now 45 days prior and 2 days post, that political signs may be posted.

Please remain careful not to obstruct mowers on mowing day. As always, the mowers will not be responsible for damage to signs and may skip areas full of them which will require the homeowner to trim grass manually in those areas.