Board Meeting 2019-12-02

The next TRV HOA Board meeting will be held at Johnson County Library’s Antioch Branch, at 6:30pm on Monday, December 2nd. The address is 8700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam, KS 66202. Agenda to include:

  • Schedule next board meeting.
  • Minutes, Finance, AC Requests, and Bylaws reports (any violations reported, or letters sent)
  • Lawn Maintenance
    • Fall/winter cleanup
  • Followup on Annual All Homeowner Meeting Business:
    • Spring Home reviews by ACC
    • Selecting Named Officers
    • Selecting AC members
  • Division of responsibilities and hand-off
    • Lindsey (Board and Secretary)
    • Denise (Treasurer)
    • Rotations?

1 thought on “Board Meeting 2019-12-02

  1. I think with recent turnover we need to make sure we reach out and get to know eachother with social gatherings. I thank Carol Joyce for stepping up for this job.

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