Annual All Homeowner’s Meeting 2019-11-21

It’s that time of the year again folks.  ALL TRV LOT OWNERS will be meeting at Merriam City Hall 9001 W 62nd St, Merriam, KS 66202 on November 21st at 7pm to discuss annual business and elect board members for the next two years.

If you cannot attend, please declare your proxy (the person who will attend in person and vote in your place) ASAP, to

We’ll have a review of our finances and budget. How much money comes in from dues, how much goes out in services, and what level of contingency funds we maintain.

Our Landscaping Point of Contact going forward will be Gaby Kusko.  Gaby lives on Wedd Place, has an extensive history in horticulture, and is volunteering her time and attention to managing the landscapers. If you see problems with landscaping, please send photos (video if applicable) and a fact based description to, and Gaby will take note of them.  Our landscapers are human so small mistakes will always happen.  But by reporting them properly, we can notice if there is a pattern that warrants action.  If the landscapers have issues on your lot (being too soggy, having obstacles, etc.) and they let Gaby know, she’ll reach out to you to get it resolved.

Snow Removal will be provided for the 2019-2020 Winter Season by Lawn Hoppers. The board approved them to respond to up to five snow events this winter, if the accumulation exceeds 2 inches. To get the best bang for our buck, they will not come out to perform removal until the precipitation finishes.

We will be gathering resident input on a exterior inspection checklist at this year’s meeting.  Think about what issues you’ve seen around the neighborhood that if fixed, could make our neighborhood look better.  Share your ideas of what should, and shouldn’t be on nest year’s checklist at the Annual meeting, and how an inspection should be performed.  We will research what the bylaws do and do not permit us to enforce, and your checklist ideas will be used this spring in a walk-around inspection.

We’re looking for a newsletter/events coordinator. If you’re good with email, or a word processor, and can commit to 2-3 mailings per year, it would help the neighborhood greatly. We can even arrange to print and include a 1 or 2 page newsletter with our dues statements when they go out.

We’re also looking for a volunteer Party Coordinator.  This year, all of us on the board ran out of time to get a second block party in like we had originally hoped.  Neighborhood Block Party planning is something any neighbor can do, and requires no HOA board involvement. The purpose of neighborhood parties is just to get people to meet each-other and be social.  Dues money never pays for the parties, and the HOA board has to get board business done first.  So anyone else here can help coordinate parties, and even use the city’s grant money.

We’ll have an HOA Board vacancy in 2020. If you’re interested in serving on the HOA board, get in touch with an existing board member to ask questions about the role, and announce your interest on so the neighbors know about you.  This year, Denise and Chris are running for their next two-year terms.

We’ll also have a visit from Merriam’s Community Development division, David Easley. He’ll be sharing with us codes tips and news about upcoming development in the city.  For example, I was approached this year to get our opinion on rezoning the long lot to our East (the Thayer household) into a commercial new vehicle storage lot.  The board gathered details, discussed, and we decided to tell the developer ‘no thanks’ out of light and noise concerns.  I’ll continue to monitor city council and planning commission meetings for any signs of the developer trying to push this past us.

It’s been a pleasure to see our community grow over the last 5 years.  We’ve got more families in Timber Ridge than ever.  And I hope to see every one of you at our Annual Meeting, at Merriam City Hall, 9001 W 62nd St, Merriam, KS 66202 on November 21st at 7pm!

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