Board meeting 2019-08-28

The next TRV HOA Board meeting will be held in Conference Room 2 at Johnson County Library’s Central Branch (the big one), at 6:30pm on Wednesday, August 28th. The address is 9875 West 87th street, Overland Park, KS 66202.

Bring your schedules! Will be picking dates for future events.

Agenda to include:

  • Approval of last meetings minutes.
  • Schedule next board meeting.
    • Suggesting Wed, Oct 23 as two months out.
  • Finance report
  • AC Requests
  • Bylaws reports (any violations reported, or letters sent)
  • Schedule and Plan Annual All-Home-Owner’s meeting
    • Last one was 2018-12-23
    • We can schedule between Oct and Feb 23rd.
    • Recommending after next Board meeting.
    • Annual Meeting of Board of Directors must occur within 15 days of Annual Meeting of Members (schedule this today as well)
  • Replacement contractor for snow removal.
  • Contact information for new move ins.
  • Welcome letter/kits
  • Update us on 67th construction and sprinkler system
  • Cul-de-sac parking
  • Schedule and Plan Next block party.

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