Special Meeting and Block Party, Saturday, June 8th 5pm

We will be having two block parties this year. The first will be Saturday, June 8th in the cul-de-sac at 5pm. Email Everyone@TimberRidgeVillas.com with what you’d like to eat. We’ll be applying to the city for funding, so if you bring food to share, it doesn’t have to be huge.

At our last annual HOA meeting, a majority of members present were interested in relaxing our overnight street parking restrictions within the neighborhood. Our overnight street parking restrictions came from the original HOA bylaws given to us from the bank. But our HOA board listened to this feedback and has drafted an amendment to grant overnight street parking in some circumstances. HOA Members will be asked to decide on the amendment proposal at the June 8th meeting.

This amendment grants overnight street parking on and before 6 holidays, if the driveway and garage are already full, and if there’s no snow on the ground. This was the result of much deliberation at board meetings, but the wording is not set in stone until May 27th when the final draft must be posted prior to the meeting so if you spot a problem, please tell us at Everyone@TimberRidgeVillas.com .

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