HOA Board Meeting 2018-08-08

The HOA board will be meeting on August 8th at the public library at 8700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam, KS 66202 from 6:45-8PM.  Agenda to include:

  • Approve minutes of last board meeting
  • Financial Report (Review of balances, expenses, revenue)
  • AC Report (Review of requests and changes since last meeting)
    • Deck Stain
    • Deck Extension/Stairs
  • Bylaws Reports (Review of reports received from lot owners and actions taken)
    • Overnight Street Parking near entry
    • Garage Doors, Sellers Agent
  • Entry monument lettering repair
  • Maintenance around ‘Exhibit A’ (NE retaining wall)
    • Schedule completion of work.
    • Weeds have returned.
  • Motion that AC may at its discretion recognize trellises to not be fences, and thus trellises not subject to fence restrictions in the bylaws.  (Deferred from last meeting.)
  • Landscapers
    • Quality trends.  Routing of lot owner feedback through board.
    • Chemical applications
    • Fake rock / cover, Reason required
  • Grass Seed Distribution idea
    • Notice in next mailing?
  • Block Party
    • Setting time
    • Reminder cards
    • Dual parties next year because of grant?
  • Website updates
    • AC Form shortcut TimberRidgeVillas.com/ac (make note of “/ac”)
    • Document Center page (make note of “/docs”)
    • Tree List
  • ‘Bermuda Triangle’ area irrigation
  • Renting: Responsibilities and Obligations
  • CrossingMerriam update
    • Cards and Progress
  • Waste Management
    • Appreciation
    • Yard waste service?
  • Sprinklers interrupted after entry landscaping project
    • Billy found it was because of GFCI trip. Has not recurred since.
  • City Report
    • Community Center
    • Storm Sewer work
    • 2019 67th Street replacement & Sidewalk connectivity
  • Schedule next board meeting

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