Tree Replacement Plan

In November 2016, several dozen trees were planted around TRV by the Developer’s landscaper.  Most of these were in rear yards.  A few were in side yards for homes that have side yards.  These trees were the ones that received light colored mulch instead of TRV standard, Java Brown.  Several of these trees, particularly the Spruces, did not survive the winter:

Great news!  We heard from the developer today that their landscaper will be returning in September to replace any trees they planted last year that have since died.

So between now and the replacement operation in September, please do not remove any dead spruce trees from the November 2016 planting.  And if you have a dead tree from that batch that hasn’t been reported to Jascinda at Farmers, please do ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Tree Replacement Plan”

  1. One of the evergreen trees in our back yard was killed by a lightning strike this summer. As we are new, I do not know if this tree was planted 11/16 but feel sure that because of the lightning damage it will not be replaced by the landscaper. We have contracted to have the tree removed by Ryan Tree Service but do not plan to replace it as we have an abundance of trees. We also have contracted with Ryan to trim the large Honey Locust trees (eleven) on our back lot. Some branches in these large trees were also damaged by the summer storms and might pose a danger if not attended to. I hope that this is ok with the landscaper and the HOA.

    1. If you’ve gotten AC approval for the change in landscaping, then the HOA is ok with it. When the AC approves a landscaping change, they return a signed copy of the AC form that documents the approval. If you have not gotten this approval, you may obtain the form from and send to when complete, or hand to any of the AC members, Chris, Mike, or Lindsey.

      The city may also have tree requirements that could require the tree be replaced instead of removed. To check with them, call Merriam Codes Dept at (913) 322-5520.

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