Neighbor Contact Directory

The neighbor contact directory is a combination of welcome letter, lot map, contact list and vendor list available to all neighbors in Timber Ridge by request. It will not be posted online.  (This is to prevent spammers/marketers from harvesting our private info.)

To receive a paper copy of the directory:

  • Leave a comment on this page with your lot or street number and I’ll slide it in your door jam.
  • Come to one of the neighborhood get-togethers.

To receive an electronic copy of the directory:

  • Leave a comment on this page with an email address that is already in the directory.
  • Consider joining the neighbors-only mailing list.  This is where updates are regularly sent.
  • NEW: Scan the QR code on the directory page itself. That will take you to the latest version.

To be added to the directory, or have your info updated or removed:

  • Self-update using the link to the directory in Google Drawings.
  • Email the Board by the address in the directory.
  • Or use the secret edit links included with new versions of the directory sent to the neighbors-only mailing list.  All neighbors have permission to update their info.

3 thoughts on “Neighbor Contact Directory

  1. Hello,

    May I please have an updated contact list for the neighborhood? Thank you!

      1. We now put a QR code on the contact list which will get you take you to the current version as well!

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